The Avant-Gardist

1. I Saw You
2. How Beautiful the Light
3. Are We Alone?
4. Dear Felicity
5. This Life on the Road
6. She Knows Not Spring
7. Shadows on the Shelf
8. Both Loved and Abused
9. I Can't Wait to See You Smile



This is new music. I believe it's best to let the music speak for itself.

Eternal Gratitude:

  • To Yulia, my muse and the inspiration for much of this music.
  • To my brothers and sisters in the Residente family, the inspiration for the rest.
  • To my loving family and friends back in Cary, IL for their constant love and support.
  • To Kelley and Danielle for helping to put me at ease in the studio.
  • To my man Toby Mountain for having as good a musical ear as anyone I've ever met.


Released February 3, 2019
Justin Purtill - guitar, voice
All songs composed and performed by Justin Purtill.
Recorded in the Fall of 2018 at Tiny Telephone Studios
Mixed by Kelley Coyne and Danielle Goldsmith
Mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital


All rights reserved